Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iMoviesClub Review - Another Scam?

Hey, Phil here,
And you’re reading my uncensored and unbiased review of what I really thought about iMoviesClub. Note that this an iMoviesClub review though, if you’re looking for the iMoviesClub website then Click Here.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking about getting a membership at iMoviesClub, there wasn't any authentic iMoviesClub review out there so I thought I’d help others who are in a similar position I was.
I should warn you that I’ll be going into the good and the bad and if you don’t like hearing the bad parts you might as well leave now.

So what exactly is iMoviesClub?

iMoviesClub is a website where you can download an unlimited amount of movies in various formats and play them on your computer, mac, smartphones, TV or any other portable device.

The purpose of this site is to eliminate the "per-movie-charge"where you have to pay for every title that you download. Now I’m somewhat of a crazy person when it comes to movies. I’m constantly in search of a good movie to watch. Finding a good movie isn’t the hard part. The hard part is actually getting the movie at the cheapest rate possible and then watching it on any device that you want.

iMoviesClub is one of the few services that actually lets you legally download movies. Now all movie lovers know that a movie available in high definition is the best choice. iMoviesClub gives you the choice to download your movies in tons of different formats with different quality from HD to Simple 3gp format which allows you to run the movie on any mobile device.

While writing this iMoviesClub review I remember another Another BIG problem that I faced: My internet service provider has limitations on bandwidth. That means that I can download up to a certain limit. Now I had to keep within the limits designated otherwise I would be charged extra. That’s where iMoviesClub came in. They mention the format e.g. mkv, avi, mp4, 3gp etc. along with the size of the file. This way I could keep a balance between the size and the quality of the movie.

Something else that you need to keep in mind in the download speed you will get while downloading the movies. This speed is dependent not only your internet connection but also on the speed of the servers where the movie is located. I had to find a service that didn’t use Peer to peer sharing (slow download speeds). To my surprise iMoviesClub got an A+ there. The servers provided by iMoviesClub are located in USA and are Super-fast. They are real servers with files on them which can guarantee maximum download speed 24/7/365.

iMoviesClub - Cons

Just like every service that i have reviewed nothing's perfect and here are the flaws I noticed in the service:
  • Available Titles: iMoviesClub lists thousands of movies that you can download but a number of them are pretty old. Some of them; you’ve probably never even heard of. It’s fair to assume that they were added to increase the count of titles.
  • Quality: The quality of some movies is not as good as you would want to be. Some of them (old titles); though rare even have blown out pixels. I guess it all depends on the source. I mean you can’t accept a 60’s movie to be high definition.
  • Search tools: Once you’re in the “members” area you’ll find a search toolbar and other search tools. If you’re like me the first thing you’ll notice is that they are a bit difficult to use and take some time getting used to. Though once you’ve gotten used to them you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in no time.

iMoviesClub - Pros

  • Number of titles: This is their fault and the reason of their success. The number of available movies is HUGE. You can find pretty much every movie ever released in there.
  • Unlimited Downloads: You can download as many movies as you want. There is NO limitation on the number of titles you can download at a time.
  • One-Time payment: Probably what I liked the most about the service! You don’t need to pay-as-you-go. You pay one time! And then you can download as much as YOU WANT! That’s what I’m talking about!
  • Choice of Format and Size: This is another big plus point. You can choose your desired quality and size so you can play it on your iPad, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac etc.
  • Available 24/7: So you’re friends are over and you want to watch a movie with them and don’t want to go all the way to the movie store to pick something up. All you need to do is stream the movie on to your PC or TV. Couldn’t be simpler than that. PS: There couldn’t be a better way to make your friends jealous!

Overall, What Do I Think?

iMoviesClub for me at least, in my eyes is the best legal movie download and streaming site out there. It solves the biggest problems faced by all the movie lovers all around the world including bandwidth issues, availability, download limits, download speeds, various quality and size options. In fact you probably aren’t going to find any similar site. So if you are serious about movies and want to spend more time watching than wasting then I definitely feel that iMoviesClub is for you! Well that was my iMoviesClub review.

Hope this iMoviesclub review has helped you.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Movies That Came Out On iMoviesClub

Hey Guys

So have you guys been using imovies club? I heard they increased their database hugely. I heard from a couple of friends that they even added some new features like movie sorting according to different critera like age and movie release dates etc. This would be super helpful for some people like me. I am always searching for movies of different genres that aired during some time ago. So I loved this new addition. Also people with families would be pleased with this update as well because people with children would be able to sort out movies that would not be good for their children. They would also be able to filter movies and get movies that would be perfectly suitable for their children of any age. That way they can control the content being watched by their children.

Also another thing.  A lot of new movies have been released recently. Just last night I watched Brad Pitt’s “Killing Them Softly”. A really cynical movie with a typical storyline but superb acting. It’s the story of a guy who hires two people to rob a poker game and to blame it all on the game owner because he had done it before.  Now you must be wondering where Brad Pitt comes in. Well let me just say that he has a big role to play. He’s the guy who likes to kill people softly. He doesn’t like petty emotions so he likes to kill from a distance; and boy does he kill. The guy is totally bad ass. Always the guy with the plan. He’s even advising people on how to go about solving their “problems”. This movie is definitely worth a watch or two :) I would recommend it to all my blog readers. Though I wouldn’t recommend watching it with children as it has a lot of bloody and violent scenes. I guess that’s what got it the 18+ rating.

Another movie I watched this weekend was “Hackers”. This 1995 flick starring Angelina Joulie really got me surprised. The way hacking was presented was definitely questionable. I mean hacking is simply typing in code while in the movie they showed complete videos while hacking. I guess they just wanted to connect to all their audience who like Pow Pow movies.  By that I mean who like graphic explosions and other mainstream stuff. This movie is an old one. I luckily found it on ImoviesClub. You can watch it as well. Just search for Hackers in their movie database and download it. It’s kind of questionable but most definitely worth a watch. It was fast action paced and sort of cool. But if you’re not into computers, hacking etc. then I would advise you to stay away from it. Even though the stuff mentioned in it is pretty much self-explanatory but still a person who doesn’t love this sort of stuff might not enjoy is just as much.

These movies, both of them are easily watchable online. You can even download them if you have an ImoviesClub account. In fact I would recommend you download them and watch them if you haven’t already. Killing them softly just came out on Blu ray so the quality on imovies club would be awesome. Hackers is also on Blu ray. Both of these movies have awesome sound and video quality.