Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Movies That Came Out On iMoviesClub

Hey Guys

So have you guys been using imovies club? I heard they increased their database hugely. I heard from a couple of friends that they even added some new features like movie sorting according to different critera like age and movie release dates etc. This would be super helpful for some people like me. I am always searching for movies of different genres that aired during some time ago. So I loved this new addition. Also people with families would be pleased with this update as well because people with children would be able to sort out movies that would not be good for their children. They would also be able to filter movies and get movies that would be perfectly suitable for their children of any age. That way they can control the content being watched by their children.

Also another thing.  A lot of new movies have been released recently. Just last night I watched Brad Pitt’s “Killing Them Softly”. A really cynical movie with a typical storyline but superb acting. It’s the story of a guy who hires two people to rob a poker game and to blame it all on the game owner because he had done it before.  Now you must be wondering where Brad Pitt comes in. Well let me just say that he has a big role to play. He’s the guy who likes to kill people softly. He doesn’t like petty emotions so he likes to kill from a distance; and boy does he kill. The guy is totally bad ass. Always the guy with the plan. He’s even advising people on how to go about solving their “problems”. This movie is definitely worth a watch or two :) I would recommend it to all my blog readers. Though I wouldn’t recommend watching it with children as it has a lot of bloody and violent scenes. I guess that’s what got it the 18+ rating.

Another movie I watched this weekend was “Hackers”. This 1995 flick starring Angelina Joulie really got me surprised. The way hacking was presented was definitely questionable. I mean hacking is simply typing in code while in the movie they showed complete videos while hacking. I guess they just wanted to connect to all their audience who like Pow Pow movies.  By that I mean who like graphic explosions and other mainstream stuff. This movie is an old one. I luckily found it on ImoviesClub. You can watch it as well. Just search for Hackers in their movie database and download it. It’s kind of questionable but most definitely worth a watch. It was fast action paced and sort of cool. But if you’re not into computers, hacking etc. then I would advise you to stay away from it. Even though the stuff mentioned in it is pretty much self-explanatory but still a person who doesn’t love this sort of stuff might not enjoy is just as much.

These movies, both of them are easily watchable online. You can even download them if you have an ImoviesClub account. In fact I would recommend you download them and watch them if you haven’t already. Killing them softly just came out on Blu ray so the quality on imovies club would be awesome. Hackers is also on Blu ray. Both of these movies have awesome sound and video quality.

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